Working with others on your problems and opportunities

Anona Vázquez-Masson‘Nick facilitated a session on innovation for me and did an excellent job. He quickly grasped what I was aiming to achieve and put together a format for the session that worked very well. Nick’s obvious knowledge and expertise in the area also helped me add to the brief and focus on the key points.

It was a pleasure to work with Nick and I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.’

Anona Vazquez-Masson, Economy Support Manager, East Sussex County Council

Business today is increasingly collaborative and workshops are a great way to do that. Unlike courses for learning together, workshops are about doing together. My workshops bring people together in groups to develop and tackle unqiue problems, opportunities, and contexts.

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Future Exploration
Vision & Strategy
Innovation and Validation
Secure Innovation
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What are the Benefits of using me?

On top of my particular strategy developer benefits, by using my workshops you also get someone who is

  • Skilled in making complex ideas accessible – I understand that the value in workshops comes from making complex ideas accessible to match varied audiences. The accessibility comes through knowing how to translate a process to suit the audience, facilitate with language and directions to match. I also understand that the aim of a workshop is getting results from a method not teach theory.
  • Contemporary and Effective – Design and (User) Experience methods (fast, interactive, visual and human oriented rather than technology) are increasingly drawn upon by business for collaborative work. I am experienced in using those approaches and have also translated foresight methods into the same style of workshop. The latter delivers contemporary and effective workshop processes, experiences and outputs.
  • Highly thought of at delivering results – I have very good feedback from those I deliver workshops for and to. I apply my broad experience delivering workshops to different audiences varying by capability, numbers and context

What do people say who chose me?

‘Nick is amongst the best facilitators I have worked with. The session we invited him to facilitate with the Chamber board was really useful, very enjoyable and left us thinking about what we could work on with him next.’

Sarah Springford, Director, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce

Workshop Options

I run workshops in broad categories using my toolkit from foresight, creativity, and design methods.

  • Future Exploration – Uses Future Thinking methods to explore the possible future by surfacing internal views, even if they’re in conflict, and integrating research.  Outcomes are actionable ideas based on hardened views of future risks and opportunities.  These actions can be applied to improve business in the short- and longer-terms. Typically a day in length.
  • Transformation – Critical assessment of the organisation’s current form against the contemporary business environment. This is the second phase of transformative reframing before envisioning the transformed organisation.  Outcomes include organisation reframing and a vision for reorganisation. Typically a day and a half in length.
  • Vision & Strategy – Refreshing or setting a new organisational vision and creating a strategy to realise it through collaboration and creativity. Outcomes include an organisation vision and strategies to achieve it. Typically a day in length.
  • Innovation and Validation – A series of exercises to take a team through future driven idea generation.  After the exercises, the generated innovation ideas are assessed.  Note that the phases may be run as standalone sessions.  Typically a day in length.
  • Secure Innovation – A series of exercises for product, service and business model generation with a particular focus on the issues of data security and privacy.  Typically a day in length.
  • Workshops for you!– Frequently clients use me to develop workshops for their unique issues, such as external facilitation of complex document reviews, idea generation, strategy workshops, away days and more.

What do people say who experienced me?

‘I attended a future strategy away day with Nick recently and it was absolutely fantastic. I’ve been on countless similar sessions with other providers and they can sometimes be a bit formulaic. Not so with Nick! Creative, original, stimulating and above all practical. Nick has a great ability to guide a group in an interesting way and lead them to some useful answers. Highly recommended!’

Al Treddinick, Business Development Manager, 15below

How can I work with you?

  • Facilitator – Consulting is not always about being an expert or team participant, but sometimes means taking the lead.  I design and run workshops to get teams to work and contribute together.
  • Length – Workshops vary in length from half days through to multiple days. They may even be part days spread across multiple days to suit the work demands of an always-on business world.
  • Cost – Cost varies by the length of engagement, location and size of your organisation. I offer flexible working arrangements, from in-person and on-site sessions to virtual appointments.  This flexibility is to allow for your location and availability. Outside of the London area expenses will be incurred for travel.  Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

Interested in my workshops?

Interested in regularly hearing about my insights?

Interested in what I do but the timing is not right yet to do something together? I regularly publish some of the insights I use in The Future View.