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Reon BrandNick greatly impresses me with his depth of thinking and his ability to bring visionary thinking into innovation processes. He is a strong lateral thinker with a very wide range of interests and content knowledge that enables him to bring provocative new perspectives into innovation teamwork discussions

Reon Brand, Sr. Director, Philips Design, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Strategy Development is an Opportunity

In business, it often doesn’t seem that we have the time to ‘do strategy’ as a discrete activity. This means we have to evolve long-term thinking as we go along or when we do have time for strategy, because it is so rarely done, it looks like yet another problem to solve!

For me, Strategic Thinking in today’s business environment isn’t a problem but an opportunity! It’s an opportunity to think differently and take pressure off the present.

Thinking differently means using creative approaches and ideas. Taking the pressure off the present comes through decompressing it and using a future view to give room to think ahead and permission to think differently.

What are the Benefits of using me?

  • Future Driven – Develop strategy to take advantages of the future rather than mired in the distractions and problems of the present.  Applying proven strategic foresight tools, methods and insights from corporate strategy, defence industry, top and niche business consultancies, technology and the creative industries.
  • Broad Spectrum – I draw upon my experience in technology (highly structured. innovation and detailed thinking), design (creative, human-oriented and holistic thinking), business (balancing profit, investor interests, and social values) and foresight (forward-looking, invention and possibility). I use this experience to deliver the most effective path for your organisation and situation.
  • Personalised – Selecting from approaches that suit you, your appetite for creativity and your budget.  Ranging from studious, rigorous and documented to creative, interactive and envisioned.  Developing content externally or collaboratively.
  • Contemporary – Drawing upon the latest ways of working from design and user experience and applying them to 21st-century business.    These approaches suit not only contemporary business but the values and expected ways of working for new generations

What do people say who chose me?

I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking to the future and seeking solutions to complex problems. In my experience, there are very few people who are able to design and deliver robust processes which are capable of being applied across specialised subject matter and also with a significantly sized group.

Peter Desmond, Private Client for Development Project

How can I work with you?

  • Advisor – Acting as a trusted, informed and external counsel for individuals and small groups in complex environments Learn more about Advising
  • Collaborator – Working with you as a differently informed peer with creative and future thinking skills to achieve your special projects for business advantage Learn more about Collaboration
  • Associate – Working with you as part of your team and under your brand. Add future thinking on demand to your projects with yoru clients Learn more about Associate working

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