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Knowledge and content are fine, but just as important is having the capability to do things yourself.  I enjoy teaching people the successful tools and approaches I use in my consulting, advising and speaking.  I draw upon my experience in, and practices from, Design, Foresight and Business to design and deliver my courses.

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Courses For Business

Future Thinking?
Decision-Making in Complex and Messy Business Environments
Business Landscape Mapping
Generations of Change
Signal and Noise

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Toolkit for Tomorrow
Fast Future Thinking
Transformation to Tomorrow

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Practical Presencing
Self-Awareness for Strategy

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Courses for Business

Why did you come to the course? ‘The topic, Nick himself and looking for ways to make my business succeed.’

What do you think of the session delivery? ‘Perfect’; ‘Your approach was certainly thought-provoking not only during the session but afterwards on reflection.’

What did you think of the course? ‘Nick guided us through a fascinating process that led to some ‘ah-ha’ moments for all of us – things we can really apply to our businesses’; ‘Many thanks for this Nick, it really was an inspiring morning’; ‘Nick Price brings exquisite thinking on messy business decisions & simplifies the complex.’

Attendees Various Business Courses, Brighton Chamber of Commerce, UK

These courses are suitable for business leaders and managers looking for new ways to see their business:

  • Future Thinking? – Ever wondered what the difference is between Future Thinking and Strategic Thinking?  This course adds a new dimension to your long-term thinking. Learn the language (e.g., prediction versus possibility), frameworks and a basic understanding of the common tools used to look ahead (understand the meaning of scenarios and how they can be useful). The course is delivered over one day.
  • Decision-Making in Complex and Messy Business Environments – Business environments are messy and it seems impossible to be sure about the decisions we are asked to make.  In this course, you will learn to use a simple tool and process to integrate your organisation’s vision and values into your decision making.  This tool can also be used as an audit trail for decision making and acts as a checkpoint to test whether your espoused values for decision making are the ones that you demonstrate.  The course is delivered over one day.
  • Business Landscape Mapping – In today’s pressured business environment we don’t always have time to do in-depth business research.  We do know, though, that through information availability there is much more information out there and in the heads of your workforce.  Learn a framework which you can use for a rapid business environment scan, plotting your accumulated team knowledge in one place so you can have a meaningful strategic conversation.  The course is delivered over one day.
  • Generations of Change – We hear a lot of references to ‘generation this’ and ‘generation that’, baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials.  We assume we know what those mean, but do we?  This course takes you up a level in your understanding of generations (AKA ‘age cohorts’), why their values change and what the implications are ahead.  This is very useful not just for deciphering business commentary but even your own family. The course is delivered over one day.
  • Signal and Noise – In a post-Internet era, our challenge in looking for possible change isn’t to generate ideas. From our array of inputs (people, papers, reports, blogs, etc.) we have no end of ideas about change. This course shows you how to structure the noise in order to refine the signal for your organisation. Learn structuring and filtering frameworks, how to apply them to the noise of your organisation, and how to find the actionable signal. The course is delivered over two half-day sessions.

Courses for Consulting

mike-tiffany-200200‘Nick is highly intelligent, insightful and curious; great qualities in any teacher. He designed a course blending foresight techniques with experience design methods and encouraged us to think differently about our client work. His methods have provided us with practical help on many projects.’

Mike Tiffany, Principal Design Consultant, ThoughtWorks

These courses are for people who consult within their own, or to other, organisations, i.e. you have your own end clients. They enlarge your own toolkit for delivering value to people:

  • Toolkit for Tomorrow – Future Thinking for Project Discovery.  Contemporary software projects that use Agile approaches often find themselves in environments or with clients used to traditional strategy (if they have any strategy at all).  This course introduces future thinking, how it is in part strategic thinking, and provides a set of workshop processes for teams to use in the project discovery phase.  The tools combine future thinking and experience design methods to give a team powerful and quick ways to move a client from strategy to action. The course is delivered over two half-day sessions.
  • Fast Future Thinking for Strategy – Upgrade your Strategic Thinking through Future Thinking.  Rather than thinking from the present forwards, learn how to think from the preferred future backwards.  Includes how to scan for change, developing scenarios, visioning, and planning for a preferred future.  This course uses a mixture of theory, methods and practice.  Rapid practice tools are both an introduction to formal tools and can stand alone as fast ways to apply future thinking in an organisation.  The course is delivered over two days.
  • Transformation to Tomorrow – Looking further ahead is one part of making change – looking deeper is another.  Combine the two by learning a powerful technique for transforming an organisation’s identity and vision. In this course you will learn a technique that you can scale from team level to C-Level and from single to multi-day implementation to create a business transformation. This is a distillation of two contemporary transformation techniques: Presencing by C. Otto Scharmer and CLA by Sohail Innayatalluh.  The course is delivered over two days as a learning-by-doing exercise.

Courses for Futurists

‘Nick skillfully led our Foresight graduate students through an exercise on how to apply Presencing. We had previously taught it from the theory perspective and really needed a “translation” to practical terms, and Nick did so for us in a practical, engaging and useful way.’

Dr. Andy Hines, Houston Foresight Program, Houston, Texas, USA

These courses are suitable for future thinkers or people wishing to install those skills in their organisations:

  • Practical Presencing – Presencing, the transformative change process developed by C. Otto Scharmer, is a powerful technique. Like many, though, it can be complex to understand before learning to apply it.  This course takes a backwards-first approach.  It applies the process to a collective change problem of the attendees and at the same time demonstrates a method they might use themselves.  The course is delivered over one day.
  • Self-Awareness for Strategy – Future thinking is about possibility and differs from the idea of prediction used in traditional strategy but how can we explain that? This course uses a future framework, the Futures Cone, to illustrate how different roles in organisations have different preferences for time focus and degrees of possibility but have to work together. Using a combination of exercises and role play participants learn how to teach an awareness of the differences between prediction and possibility in order ease conversational stress in their own futures work with non-futurists.  The course is delivered over one day.

Courses for you!

If you already see something in the courses above that you like the sound of, then please get in touch. However, you may feel like you have the right menu in front of you but can’t make a choice. If making a choice is difficult, get in touch and we can discuss what you would like to achieve.

Finally, perhaps you don’t like to dine ‘a la carte’. You might like to mix and match components or would prefer a bespoke course. You may find that at this time you need a workshop based on these topics rather than a capability bearing course. Whichever you prefer, I am open to talk about your needs.

How can I work with you?

  • One Off or Part of a Programme – These courses can be run individually for groups of people with a common training need. They can also be integrated into in-house training programmes as continuing skill development.
  • Private or Public – The courses can be run for teams of people with a common organisational connection or run as public facing courses for audiences with differing needs.
  • Length – Workshops vary in length from half days through to multiple days. They may even be part days spread across multiple days to suit the work demands of an always-on business world.
  • Cost – Cost varies by the length of engagement, location and number of participants. Outside of the London area expenses will be charged for travel.  For public facing or for clients without access to a venue I can include those arrangements as part of the package. Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

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