Martin Harris‘I have been very happy with the work I commissioned Nick for on public transport strategy development. As a result, the management team has new ways to think about change and insightful actions to make. His strategy work and advice are an important part of Brighton and Hove Bus Company’s commitment to serving the contemporary and future needs of Greater Brighton.’

Martin Harris, Managing Director, Brighton and Hove Buses

Consulting – The Future on Demand

Unusual times call for unusual projects and solutions.  The skills needed to help an organisation become and stay successful in a changeable environment aren’t always available to hand within that organisation. They need to be brought in as needed.  I provide consulting on future driven projects to deliver unique research and insights in the form of presentations for others to use, as well as papers, workshops and talks.

I provide consulting for areas like strategy, long-term/future thinking and innovation, which often involve creative problem solving.  I consult on niche content areas of cyber security, technology timelines, including transport, and cross-cultural innovation.  I also help organisations develop their own foresight capability with training courses and workshops.

What are the Benefits?

  • Structuring Your Unique Future – My background as a professional futurist allows me to help you think through some of the bigger issues ahead.  My skills allow me to structure ideas from inside and outside the organisation about the long term. The future is not given to you, but you can affect it.
  • Bringing the Future Forward – The value of future thinking isn’t about the passive knowledge about what is possible. It’s about making the implications of the future relevant to the present and actionable. A refined view of the future does two things. First, it helps direction setting and decision making. Second, it helps clear out the noise of the present for clarity.
  • Future on Demand – My skills are not everyday ones but when they are needed they are very valuable.  Planning is not a constant process but when it takes place it needs strong skills. Organisations often can’t afford to keep these skills on tap in-house but need to be able to draw upon them when necessary.

How can I work with you?

‘Nick’s thinking brought a really new, different and illuminating perspective to discussions on the future of museums. He enabled us to move forward from a place where we were focussed too much on the immediate and the short-term and opened up our thinking, giving us some techniques to help us look at what we do in new ways. Although leading us into a more distant future, his insight allowed us to see more clearly where we are now and what we need to do in the short term. As well as this, Nick is great to work with.’

Iain Watson, Director, Senior Management, Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums

  • Research – The possibilities of the future you are interested in need to be explored and refined.  I do this in different ways, from desk research, event-based content, surveys and interviews, drawing upon my experience and network.  I use methods and approaches drawn from Technology (e.g., project planning, Agile Development, technology timelines), Experience Design (e.g., rapid workshop methods, visualisation, creativity) and Future Thinking (e.g., scenario planning, Causal Layered Analysis, horizon scanning).
  • Team Member – I am used to working as a member of teams to provide important parts of a collaborative project.  Team goals may include delivering strategies, presentations, reports, funding applications, videos and events.
  • Facilitator – Consulting is not only about being an expert or team participant, but sometimes includes taking the lead.  I design and run workshops to get teams to work and contribute together.  I also help organisations install, develop and mature their own foresight capabilities.  Foresight may be a formal, enduring part of your business or a skill set distributed across it to add a new dimension to your work.
  • Cost – Cost varies by the length of engagement, location and size of your organisation. I offer flexible working arrangements, from in-person, on-site sessions to virtual appointments.  This flexibility is to allow for your location and availability. Outside of the London area expenses will be charged for travel.  Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

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