‘Nick’s original, simple and deep insights lift both projects and people higher. He brings new perspectives to challenges that open up new opportunities. Through his endless curiosity he observes patterns and signals that can be acted upon. He excels as a confidential collaborator on strategic ventures and every time I am forced to think beyond the box, Nick is an invaluable resource to guide me through it.’

Joost Godee, Senior Design Director, Microsoft

Leadership is a Team Pursuit

The naive idea that leadership is a single-person task has been disproved many times.  We know that, whether we are in an organisation of thousands or of one, we need a team to draw upon.  We need a team that not only executes decisions but also helps us think and make those decisions.  This is also a team that reaches across the boundaries of our organisation, and includes people both inside the organisation and outside.  We draw upon our team every day for regular tasks, and for specialist or niche tasks, only a few times a year.  I will be an important part of your team.

I provide leadership advice for areas like strategy, long-term/future thinking and innovation, which often involves creative problem solving.  I also advise on niche content areas of cyber security (e.g., data privacy), Smart Living technology timelines (e.g., autonomous transport) and cross-cultural innovation (e.g., adoption of social technologies into non-USA environments).  Another direction where I help organisations succeed is in developing their in-house foresight capability.

What are the Benefits?

  • Future Driven – My background as a professional futurist allows me to help you think through some of the bigger issues ahead for your business or industry.  My skills allow me to structure ideas about the long term from both inside and outside the organisation and make them actionable. In a business world full of distraction and a pull towards the present, a future-looking thought partner is vital.
  • External Sounding Board – Thinking about very different future activity is difficult using people from inside an organisation.  Idea proposals and selection processes get clouded by incumbent culture, political agendas and personal bias coloured by organisational group-think.  I work from outside your organisation, which gives me a greater awareness of ‘inside only’ thinking.  I also allow you to explore issues that are sensitive to explore internally, such as the impact of increasing automation.
  • Specialist and Niche – My skills are not everyday ones, but are very valuable when needed.  Organisations can’t afford to keep them on tap but need to be able to draw upon them on occasion.  Planning is not a constant process, but when it takes place it needs strong skills. My skills are of a high standard and can be applied in one-to-one and one-to-few sessions as part of a collaborative process.

What to people say about the breadth of my ability to contribute?

Reon Brand‘Nick greatly impresses me with his depth of thinking and his ability to bring visionary thinking into innovation processes. He is a strong lateral thinker with a very wide range of interests and content knowledge that enables him to bring provocative new perspectives into innovation teamwork discussions.’

Reon Brand, Sr. Director, Philips Design, Eindhoven, The Netherlands

How can I work with you?

  • Ad Hoc – A specialist advisor on one-off problems such as business ecosystem uncertainty, including economic change (e.g., Brexit) or industry change through technological disruption (e.g., personal data and consumer electronics).
  • Regular Check-Up – A regular advisory session to look at problems on the horizon and work through pre-emptive strategies, not only for engaging with the outside world, but for leading and managing change both vertically and horizontally in an organisation (where additional research work is needed, we would look at a consulting engagement).
  • On Site, Off Site, Call and Virtual – I am flexible with options for contact, from face-to-face to virtual. For face-to-face sessions, an off-site location is preferred to prevent interruption by everyday work issues. Each session typically includes 2-3 hours contact with allowance for client-related material review and post care.
  • Cost – Cost varies by the length of engagement, whether it is ad hoc or regular, and the number of sessions included. I offer flexible options for contact (from face-to-face to virtual) in order to allow for your location and availability. Outside of the London area expenses will be charged for travel.  Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

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