Self-Awareness for Strategy

Self-Awareness for Strategy by Nick Price


Self-Awareness for Strategy is for anyone who has been caught up in a stalled conversation about long-term decision making. Walking away you thought “What just happened there? How do a group of great people end up going in a not-so-great circle ?”

This book is about a way to unpick puzzling strategy conversations by giving you an awareness of how business roles create differences in perceiving time and possibility.

Self-Awareness for Strategy is a blend of management science, business philosophy and, most usefully, business psychology. It is a framework my clients and I find useful. I hope you do too.




As Price states, “this book is for anyone who has been caught up in a stalled conversation about long term decision making. To get over the what might barrier we need to understand how our everyday business roles, views of time and possibility can limit us when we think about tomorrow.” It’s a daunting topic, but also a fascinating one. When we learn how to think about it with the clarity and structure Price provides in this book, it becomes an exciting one too. – Stephen Spencer 

You can buy Self-Awareness for Strategy in paperback and kindle on Amazon.

Interested in putting Self-Awareness for Strategy into your organization?

The Self-Awareness for Strategy book is based on experience applying the idea in businesses.  To complement the book I run workshops that further reveal the meaning by taking a team through a future-driven strategy exercise.  If you are interested in this workshop then please get in touch.

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