The Future Experience – Can you feel it?

A Future Experience

I recently participated in an innovation workshop called Data, Healthcare and Me run by NESTA in the UK .  Six groups were each given an alternate future description and an associated device concept as a provocation to explore the Data and Privacy debate.  

The future explored by the group I was in was called  Healthcare Systems Shutdown  I can be seen presenting on our assigned device in this video

Possibilities and Materialities of the Future

Thinking with alternate futures tends to use conceptual materials. Materials like drivers of divergence and well dressed stories.  

When technology is involved there is also the opportunity to provide a taste of the experience of being in an alternate future.   To achieve an experience of an alternate future manifest materials of technology models and usage plays can be used.

So What?

In this case the experiential approach created discussion that favoured the individual user.  It also provoked a revised design to improve the user experience AND reflect a supporting business architecture

Using particular modes of expression for possible futures provokes different thinking and interaction within a group.  Selection of the mode might use audience communications preference (textual, visual, tactile, etc), desired outcome / outputs and the future scenario level e.g. macro (economic) or micro (product/application).  

Like to know more?

If you are interested in generating and using possible futures that suit your work, conceptual or material, to help your business get in touch and see if I can help


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