Doing Things Better and the Trust Dilemma

Doing Things Better, Doings Things Differently and the Trust Dilemma

Today we see technologies developing that not only allow us to do things better, e.g. Artificial Intelligence for decision making, but also to do things radically differently e.g blockchain platforms for transactions and contracts. Each has a different trust dilemma.

  • Doing things better has a trust dilemma around surety of the tools – function, construction and failure.
  • Doing things differently has a trust dilemma around changing the familiar causes-and-effects in an ecosystem.

Doing Things Better technologies are upgrades of the existing world and hence interact with a well-defined ecosystem. The application of new physical technologies, e.g. Precision Agriculture (precise land mapping, drone-based dispersal of fertiliser/pesticides, automation of harvesting) allows us to manage known constraints better in new understandable ways.

Doing Things Differently technologies have significant changes on the ecosystem constraints in which they are deployed. Continuing on in our world of agriculture, this would be the increased use of genetic engineering for quality improvement, resilience against pests, modification of pests themselves. Another example would be crypto-enabled non-state currencies, asset ledgers and contracts that challenge the traditional financial system and its participants.

Why is this interesting?

Understanding the trust and risk issues that arise when proposing change differ depending if you are proposing doing things better or doing things differently

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