It’s been a pleasure working with Nick on our smart-living research. Nick brought energy and insight to our workshops, facilitating a range of interactive techniques. It was essential that participants took a future-oriented perspective of the research challenge and Nick was able to foster this through expertly framing the discussion and interaction. This has helped immensely with the quality of the workshop outputs and ultimately the final report and findings.

Nigel Jones, CEO IAAC

Peer to Peer Consulting

Not all projects need expertise about things already known, they sometimes need a well-informed fellow adventurer.  When you set off in a new direction or line of thought, you often build a diverse team to do that.  As well as working with my own clients as an expert I enjoy working as a peer on projects with a high degree of uncertainty and challenge. My ability to bring a different view, creative insights and team skills (leading, self-managing, facilitating and teaching) has helped me be a successful member and part of project teams.

What are the Benefits?

  • Experienced working with diverse teams and situations – I have lived in four different countries, worked internationally on projects from those bases and been a member of teams drawn from many nations. I am used to working both on-site, remotely and with distributed teams.

How do I work ?

  • Cost – Cost varies by the length of engagement, location and size of your organisation. I offer flexible working arrangements, from in-person to virtual working.  This flexibility is to allow for your location and availability. Outside of the London area expenses will be charged for travel.  Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

Interested in my collaborating with you on a project?

Interested in regularly hearing about my insights?

Interested in what I do but the timing is not right yet to do something together? I regularly publish some of the insights I use in The Future View.