Foraging in the 21st Century

Foraging in the 21st Century Foraging for provisions originally focused on material needs.Today that also includes things we consider to be immaterial necessities. Apart from that though, does foraging really change in the 21st-century? A simple expression of foraging is the expenditure of time and energy in return for provisions. Ideally, we want to maximise […] Read more »

Fiction in Strategy: Calculated or Created?

Fiction in Strategy: Calculated or Created? One question in strategy work is the value of long-form science fiction.  Leading figures in technology today are cited as taking inspiration from science fiction.  For example, Elon Musk referencing works including Ian M Banks Culture novels and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. Science Fiction authors have contributed to think-tanks in […] Read more »

Taming Tomorrow: Can you stay seated?

Taming Tomorrow: Can you stay seated? In popular culture, there is a progression of leaps from counterculture to fringe to mainstream and beyond. The same pattern is seen in internet based consumer-facing technology. With internet based technology, the leap from counterculture to mainstream is much faster. Sometimes a provocateur stays seated like Google and Signal. […] Read more »

Great Experiments: Follow the Paths and Avoid the Dead Ends

Patchwork of Innovation It would be easy to think that affluent nations are leading the charge into the future while others play catch up. In reality, the patchwork of nations we live in is more textured. While scientific and technological advances can be transported from one nation to another, the physical and social context they […] Read more »

Explainability etc. New Audit Trails for Exponential Technology

Fashionable Exponential Technologies There are always a handful of ‘fashionable exponential’ technologies being touted as world changing. As I write we have as a sample Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy. Notable about them is that they push out easy human understanding of their function and maintenance. Importantly though, in the case of […] Read more »

Reflections of Nick Price

Meet and Greet The Future with Reflections of Nick Price   Thinking about the future can sound like a complicated and serious idea. Particularly when thinking ahead in business is associated with risk management rather than growth. I had this ‘reflections’ video put together to introduce myself as well as show elements of future thinking […] Read more »

Three Thoughts on the Present

In a few recent discussions about the world I’ve shared a few futures related thoughts At the moment we have a noisy present with wars, plague and commercial disasters. We shouldn’t miss the bigger picture of having been through these things before Focussing on the bigger picture shouldn’t distance us from the smaller, tragic, individual experiences which […] Read more »

The Future Experience – Can you feel it?

A Future Experience I recently participated in an innovation workshop called Data, Healthcare and Me run by NESTA in the UK .  Six groups were each given an alternate future description and an associated device concept as a provocation to explore the Data and Privacy debate.   The future explored by the group I was in was […] Read more »