Change Insights : No Two Scans are the Same

Change Insights : No Two Scans are the Same One of the reasons for seeking insights about future change is to reduce uncertainty.   Another reason however is to have unique insight for advantage over peers. These reasons contend with each other. How can they be reconciled? Those wanting future insight have four broad options: they […] Read more »

Confusion of Communities and the Self-Censoring Customer

Not only does the pace of technology development change quickly, but so does customer interest. As the traditional compartmentalisation of business and technology has been disrupted, so has our view of customers. In both cases, top-down control has been undermined by bottom-up conversation and action. Why is this interesting? This is interesting because as self-empowerment […] Read more »

From Strauss and Howe to What and Wow! – Making Ideas More Accessible

Introduction – Making Generations Simple There are many big ideas that could be very useful to businesses if they were broken down in an accessible way. The Goldilocks1 challenge is to get them in between the highbrow complexity and the often-lowbrow journalistic translations. That’s not to say we want middlebrow dinner party content, but rather […] Read more »

Big Ten Trends 3/3 General to Personal

My interest in ‘Big Ten’ thinking is part provoked by genetic research. Our generalist medical knowledge has helped us with broad ailments. Personalised treatment through genetic profiling is now becoming increasingly possible. Similarly, starting with general trends we can move further to specialised ones by looking at the unique nature of organization. Principles and Actionable Trends […] Read more »

Big Ten Trends 2/3 ‘Well, on one level, yes’

“It’s difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on not understanding it” – Upton Sinclair As in crafting any communications, a futures thinker has to measure their audience carefully. Making a ‘Big Ten’ selection is an exercise in making insights understandable (translation), durable (grounded with a timeline in mind) and […] Read more »

Big Ten Trends 1/3 New Years On My Mind

A common futures piece is a next ‘Big Ten’. The ‘Big Ten’ being a pocketful of trends, changes, ‘game changers’, ‘black swans’, disruptions or whatever is the fashionable term.   This is a seasonal favourite around the New Year. Content can range from somethings as fantastical as the figure of Father Christmas on a SCRAM jet […] Read more »