Permission for Emission

Permission for Emission The ‘Circular Economy’, is a systemic view of production and consumption with the minimisation of resources, waste, emissions and energy consumption. Minimisation, rather than elimination, is a key point. In psychology, the pursuit of perfection leads to problems of obsession (unreasonable effort for minimal return), inefficiency/ procrastination (delay) and morale (feelings from […] Read more »

Aggregation Aggravation: Paper Cities

Aggregation Aggravation: Paper Cities A blank sheet of paper and a crumpled one present different creativity challenges. A blank sheet gives the opportunity to challenge assumptions and a crumpled one the challenge of reuse. We have a paper challenge in reimagining city land usage as we change our working, living and transportation needs. Let’s look […] Read more »

Great Experiments: Follow the Paths and Avoid the Dead Ends

Patchwork of Innovation It would be easy to think that affluent nations are leading the charge into the future while others play catch up. In reality, the patchwork of nations we live in is more textured. While scientific and technological advances can be transported from one nation to another, the physical and social context they […] Read more »

Innovation is Infrastructure too!

(This blog post was inspired by my experiences co-authoring of the Information Assurance Advisory Committee (IAAC) position paper on Smart Living) Challenged by Pace of Change Infrastructure, for example, transport, utilities (physical) and telecommunications (digital), etc., is a difficult world in which to build new businesses. It is slow moving, compliance-ridden and involves large-scale, long-term […] Read more »