Aggregation Aggravation: Paper Cities

Aggregation Aggravation: Paper Cities A blank sheet of paper and a crumpled one present different creativity challenges. A blank sheet gives the opportunity to challenge assumptions and a crumpled one the challenge of reuse. We have a paper challenge in reimagining city land usage as we change our working, living and transportation needs. Let’s look […] Read more »

Automation and the Crisis of Meaning

One of the most interesting middle ground challenges for businesses today is employment change though automation. By ‘middle ground’, I mean changes that fall between the practical present and the far-off future. In this case, the far-off future is a society reshaped by mass removal of jobs and small but hugely effective businesses. Accelerating the […] Read more »

Reflections of Nick Price

Meet and Greet The Future with Reflections of Nick Price   Thinking about the future can sound like a complicated and serious idea. Particularly when thinking ahead in business is associated with risk management rather than growth. I had this ‘reflections’ video put together to introduce myself as well as show elements of future thinking […] Read more »

DIY Strategy #1 – Six Times the Timelines

Timelines – Simple and Powerful Timelines are one of the most simple, powerful and underrated tools in strategy. They create a framework for planning and they help team cohesion by making them together. So, what are they, how to we make them and in what ways are they useful? Let’s consider a business situation. The […] Read more »

Does killing old technology mean killing freedoms?

Technology Coming and Technology Passing When old technologies are supplanted by new ones, some things are gained and some are lost. For example, in moving from physical mail to e-mail, speed, powerful archiving and new ways of working were gained. At the same time, intimacy, privacy and a less reactive life (by dint of volume […] Read more »

‘you don’t have to accept the future that you have been given’

One of the most powerful thoughts about the future I’ve heard didn’t come from a futurist. The thought came from an art teacher called Tim Rollins. In a talk at the Frye Art Museum in Seattle in 2010, Rollins said that the message he gave his students was, in effect, ‘you don’t have to accept […] Read more »

Association of Professional Futurists – Last Friday London Gatherings

Association of Professional Futurists

Last Friday – London Gatherings In 2014 Andrew Curry of The Futures Company and I organise monthly talks for the global Association of Professional Futurists (APF) in the UK. There are two terms of talks per year to match the UK holiday season. They are held in the afternoon of the last friday of the month in London. The […] Read more »

Holding Court on the Future and Law

I was recently asked to comment on some effects of future change to the law and legal profession. Here is a transcript of part of the discussion Is the future more than new devices? Interviewer: Let’s start with an easy one. Isn’t the major change for the legal profession simply adjusting to emerging technologies? Nick: […] Read more »

From Tragedy to Possibility – Old Burdens on Young People

The People Driven Future While projections forward based on trends demography, economics and technology are useful they are not the whole story. They miss the underlying human reaction to the external world. People’s values change radically rather than continue as a trend.  In turn, these changes can be integrated into views of the possible future. […] Read more »

Populating the Future – Figures or Feelings?

Populating the Future One way to think ahead is to consider how we are populating it for our future selves; putting good things out there and reducing the bad.   Financial Planning – Figures A familiar way for us to think about the future is through personal financial planning. This seems pragmatic as money enables […] Read more »