Explainability etc. New Audit Trails for Exponential Technology

Fashionable Exponential Technologies There are always a handful of ‘fashionable exponential’ technologies being touted as world changing. As I write we have as a sample Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy. Notable about them is that they push out easy human understanding of their function and maintenance. Importantly though, in the case of […] Read more »

Cultural S Curves – Honour, Dignity and Beyond

Cultural S Curves S curves 1 of change are used to visualise the transition from one governing idea to another. For example, in technology, the transition from analogue to digital-physical technologies occurred in the last half of the 20th century. Since then, the transition has shifted to replacing digital-physical technologies with the digital-abstract (i.e., Internet and program-based). […] Read more »

A Clash of Digital Needs – Fat Assumptions and Thin Adoptions

The ‘Big Data’, Privacy and Location Deadlock The idea of pervasive implementation of ‘Big Data’, Personalisation and Location seems to be caught in a disabling loop of debate over privacy. This is due to some seemingly immutable assumptions that are frustrating us. Examining and challenging these assumptions can break that loop and take us in productive directions. […] Read more »