Great Experiments: Follow the Paths and Avoid the Dead Ends

Patchwork of Innovation It would be easy to think that affluent nations are leading the charge into the future while others play catch up. In reality, the patchwork of nations we live in is more textured. While scientific and technological advances can be transported from one nation to another, the physical and social context they […] Read more »

Misstopias: Freedom from Utopia

Down with Utopia here come the Misstopias One of the shackles tying us to predetermination is the idea of Utopia and Dystopia. This black-and-white viewpoint forces us into seeing the future as singular, and as either beautiful or miserable. Neither of these ideas are useful. There are many possible futures, their quality is subjective and, […] Read more »

Pace Appropriate Business: War on Error or War on Rigour?

Traditional versus Contemporary Business One way of framing traditional versus contemporary business is that of planning versus experimentation. Planned business is sequential by nature and involves long-term thinking known as strategy. An experimentation approach to business is an iterative practice by nature, e.g. Agile (cycles of small launch, rapid improvement and expansion.) Perfectionism: The War […] Read more »

Does killing old technology mean killing freedoms?

Technology Coming and Technology Passing When old technologies are supplanted by new ones, some things are gained and some are lost. For example, in moving from physical mail to e-mail, speed, powerful archiving and new ways of working were gained. At the same time, intimacy, privacy and a less reactive life (by dint of volume […] Read more »

Lacquer of Time – An Introduction to Generating Possible Futures (scenarios)

lacquer of time title

Introduction to Scenarios Futurists generate possible futures, known as scenarios, in many different ways. This video is an introduction one such process using an example subject, Museums in the UK, to increase understanding.  It is designed for an audience unfamiliar with structured thinking about the future. How? The process starts with a question about the […] Read more »

Future to Futures – A short video on Future Thinking principles

Future Thinking – Probability to Possibility People talk about ‘the future’ and think of it in terms of ‘probability’. Futures thinkers, futurists and futures consultants however think in terms of ‘futures’ and ‘possibility’. A small difference in the words on the surface but a big difference in the underlying principle. Possibility carries with it the […] Read more »