Buy Me! The Future or an Advertorial?

Buy Me! The Future or an Advertorial?

Much media coverage is given to the magic of consumer technology.  In recent years, for example, we have had the shiny beads of smart phone developments, AI home assistants and different flavours of data enhanced reality. Our future quality of life however is still in the hands of political leadership and economic change. The difficult choice making for the social long-term is obscured by the future being used as an advertorial mechanism for technology consumption.

advertorial: an advertisement in the form of editorial content.

This is not only a problem of distraction and misdirection of attention from issues of governance. There is a second level issue, it masks a lack of long-term vision for the future from political leadership. This  vacuum is being filled by leaders in the field of technology.

Why is this interesting?

Political leadership at the national level finds itself with many challenges of reaction.  For example coping with cybersecurity or integrating non-state based currencies using cryptography into an economy.  Long-term thinking for society also risks being left to world level forums whose influence is not transparent and indirect. There is an interesting gap in long-term political leadership at the national level for the future to move beyond an advertorial.

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