Great Experiments: Follow the Paths and Avoid the Dead Ends

Patchwork of Innovation It would be easy to think that affluent nations are leading the charge into the future while others play catch up. In reality, the patchwork of nations we live in is more textured. While scientific and technological advances can be transported from one nation to another, the physical and social context they […] Read more »

Explainability etc. New Audit Trails for Exponential Technology

Fashionable Exponential Technologies There are always a handful of ‘fashionable exponential’ technologies being touted as world changing. As I write we have as a sample Artificial Intelligence (AI), blockchain, autonomous vehicles, renewable energy. Notable about them is that they push out easy human understanding of their function and maintenance. Importantly though, in the case of […] Read more »

Can We Afford to Get Personal?

One prediction of advancing technology is our expectation that “general” solutions will become “personal”. Not only does that mean new things, services and experiences will be delivered on a more personal level, but there will also be changes in the organisations that deliver them. A demand for an organisation to deliver personalised, rather than generalised […] Read more »