The Intention in Innovation

The Intention in Innovation After hearing entrepreneurs and venture capitalists talk about innovation, there is a dynamic that strikes me as particularly interesting. The nature of the initial intention in the venture and how it may flex.  The two dimensions of the dynamic I have in mind are Positivity (e.g. Optimism, Creativity, Clever, Expansive) and […] Read more »

Buy Me! The Future or an Advertorial?

Buy Me! The Future or an Advertorial? Much media coverage is given to the magic of consumer technology.  In recent years, for example, we have had the shiny beads of smart phone developments, AI home assistants and different flavours of data enhanced reality. Our future quality of life however is still in the hands of […] Read more »

Change Insights : No Two Scans are the Same

Change Insights : No Two Scans are the Same One of the reasons for seeking insights about future change is to reduce uncertainty.   Another reason however is to have unique insight for advantage over peers. These reasons contend with each other. How can they be reconciled? Those wanting future insight have four broad options: they […] Read more »

Permission for Emission

Permission for Emission The ‘Circular Economy’, is a systemic view of production and consumption with the minimisation of resources, waste, emissions and energy consumption. Minimisation, rather than elimination, is a key point. In psychology, the pursuit of perfection leads to problems of obsession (unreasonable effort for minimal return), inefficiency/ procrastination (delay) and morale (feelings from […] Read more »

Foraging in the 21st Century

Foraging in the 21st Century Foraging for provisions originally focused on material needs.Today that also includes things we consider to be immaterial necessities. Apart from that though, does foraging really change in the 21st-century? A simple expression of foraging is the expenditure of time and energy in return for provisions. Ideally, we want to maximise […] Read more »