Your support both in the lead up and during the retreat was of huge value to the participants as well as to the SOIF team. We look forward to future opportunities to work together.


Cat Tully and Alun Rhydderch, Co-founders, School of International Futures

Foresight is a Team Pursuit

As well as working with my own clients I welcome the opportunity to help others serve their own. As an active member of the Association of Professional Futurists and organiser of their London Gathering Program, I like to contribute to the community. The success of futurism as a profession is important to me and I am open to opportunities to work with others on their projects.

What are the Benefits?

  • Proven skills – I have public testimonials (see my testimonial page and LinkedIn recommendations) for my consulting. I have corporate experience in foresight, play a visible role in the Association of Professional Futurists as an organiser of the London Gatherings, and speak and write on the future. I also have an MSc in Strategic Foresight.
  • Affilliated and qualified – Bringing someone into an organisation as an associate sometimes calls for formal qualifications. I am a member of the World Future Society and the Association of Professional Futurists. I also have an MSc. Strategic Foresight.
  • Experienced associate – I have experience working as an associate and understand the subtleties of that role. I understand the need to support the direct contractor’s views and brand, and I am prepared both to work on prescribed tasks as needed while also looking beyond to the whole task. Fundamentally, I respect the client relationship and the ownership of the direct contractor.
  • Brand sensitive – The contractor’s brand is the primary one in a contracting relationship. However, if it would be mutually beneficial, I am open to considering the use of my own brand value in ways that would best suit the project (i.e., explicitly, on demand or unseen). By mutual agreement, this could potentially take place in promotions as well as during the consulting process.
  • Team member – I am comfortable working as a team member to lead, contribute to, and/or defer in the decision-making process as needed to successfully deliver a project. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with teams to provide value that reaches beyond content and method.
  • Discretion – I will consider NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements) for both the direct client and the contractor. I understand and apply appropriate discretion throughout the contracting process and beyond.

How can I work with you?

  • Margin Friendly Pricing – I understand that associate work is not direct work. As such the business case for rates is different. Expenses will be charged for travel. Please get in touch to discuss the most effective arrangement for your needs and situation.

Interested in using me as an associate?

Interested in regularly hearing about my insights?

Interested in what I do but the timing is not right yet to do something together? I regularly publish some of the insights I use in The Future View.