About Nick Price

Nick is a serious futurist. His knowledge and experience make him a valuable contributor to any conversation about the long-term future

Lois Macklin, Ph.D. Foresight and Advanced Business Intelligence

Who are you?

My name is Nick Price and I am a Speaker and Strategy Developer. My background is as a professional futurist in technology, business, design and user experience.  I’ve worked with companies all around the world from bases in Australia, New Zealand, Netherlands and the United States. I’m now back to a base in the UK and working for all sorts of companies who want to understand the world and do business in a different way.

Here’s more about what I do in a humorous way

Business can be a serious business but exploring new possibilities needs a creative, flexible and sometimes humorous mindset. Here I am practicing what I preach to tell you more about my work.

Who do you work for?

I work for people, probably like you, who understand that change and innovation are necessary for an enduring business. At the same time, they are pressured and distracted by the demands of the present. This is an uncomfortable, stressful dilemma, the short-term versus long-term. It is something you share with many others.

Why are you needed?

By thinking in bigger views about the world and the longer term I help your business, create profit and opportunity today and in the future. I believe that long-term thinking isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and immediately gives value.

How does that work?

Long-term thinking gives immediate returns in four ways. By increasing opportunityreducing risk, easing decision making and taking greater control of your future.

What do you actually do?

I help my clients conceive, develop and integrate future-driven and new ideas into their businesses. I do this using fast and effective methods drawing on my knowledge and experience in technology, design, experience design, foresight and strategy.

My underlying principles are simplicity, interactivity and effectiveness.

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Interested in what I do but the timing is not right yet to do something together? I regularly publish some of the insights I use in The Future View.